Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject (Peachpit Press, 2006)

As promised in Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject, you can download the graphics needed for the Investment Minder database from this page. The image files are compressed into separate Mac and Windows archives. Click the appropriate link to download the archive to your computer. When saving the archive, select an easy-to-find disk location, such as the Desktop.

Windows archive

Macintosh archive


To extract the files from the archive, click (or double-click) the icon of the downloaded file. You will be allowed to choose a location in which to store the extracted files. As you did with the download, select an easy-to-find disk location, such as the Desktop. The archive will appear as a new folder named Data Entry Icons. Inside the folder, you'll find the data entry icons needed for Chapter 8.

If your computer doesn't have a compatible extraction program and can't open the archive, you can download the necessary program from one of these Web sites:

WinZip (Windows) [21-day trial version]

StuffIt Expander (Mac) [free version]

Note: If you're searching for the files or errata for the previous book (Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro: Visual QuickProject) for FileMaker 7, these are not the correct files to download. Click here instead.





The "Callout text" should point to an actual callout, such as the one to the right of the first screen shot.


In Step 1, change the end of the first sentence from "CD-related fields." to "CD-related field labels."


In Step 9, change "Select the tab button..." to "Select the colored block under the header..." [The Tab button hasn't been placed on the layout yet.]


Display Record List script: Insert the following as the second step: View As [View as List]