Classic game books re-released!
Siliconwasteland Press (Classic Game Books imprint) is pleased to announce the release of three additional reprints of early Steve Schwartz game books. All three were written primarily for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES): 

Like the first book in the Classic Game Books series (Return to Zork Adventurer's Guide: Twentieth Anniversary Edition), each book is immediately available for sale at Amazon.com, Amazon sites throughout the world, and Siliconwasteland.com. (See the book’s product page on this site for its direct link to Amazon.com, as well as the list on the Current Books tab.)

Although quantites are extremely limited, signed copies of the original edition of Return to Zork Adventurer’s Guide can be purchased directly from Siliconwasteland.

Guides to Samsung Galaxy S III, S 4, and S5 smartphones
Signed and unsigned copies of these best-selling, highest rated (Amazon.com) guides for Samsung’s most popular line of smartphones are still available.

Steven Schwartz, Ph.D. • Siliconwasteland.com • Last updated: 11/24/2015